OLGA ZAINI'S AGENDA. Chocolate events and tidbits

This section contains interesting information and events related to the world of chocolate from yesterday and today. Images and news have been put together as if part of Olga Zaini's agenda. She was one of the first Italian women entrepreneurs and, from 1938 to the late 1950s, she managed the company founded by her husband in 1913.




Restoration After WWII

IN THE COURTYARD OF LUIGI ZAINI'S FACTORY, PROPERTY AND WORKERS INVOLVED IN THE RESTORATION OF THE FACTORY AFTER THE BOMBINGS DURING WORLD WAR II Milan 1943, The Zaini factory was heavily bombed during the war. Olga Zaini (sitting in the middle of the front row, wearing a patterned d…read more >

Luigi Zaini and the Chocolate Factory

A crowded press conference to inaugurate the exhibit LUIGI ZAINI AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, curated by Luigi Sansone, in the Sala del Grechetto at the “Sormani” Central Library of Milan. Among the guests in the front row is philosopher and critic Gillo Dorfles. Photo by Marta Rizzatoread more >

Leonard Streckfus Exhibit

Leonard Streckfus – a California artist known for animal sculptures, made by assembling various salvaged materials such as pieces of bicycles and seats, old shoes, used pots, with screws and bolts, without the use of welding – created six original compositions for the “Luigi Zaini and…read more >

Luigi Zaini Exhibit

LUIGI ZAINI AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY EXHIBIT Work by Joseph Beuys   For the fifth edition of the review “Dècoll/age” (1962-1969), created by Wolf Vostell in 1962, Joseph Beuys completed a series that consisted in a piece of chocolate attached to a simple piece of paper. Several y…read more >

OLGA ZAINI and Her Workers

OLGA ZAINI pictured with her workers in the courtyard of the factory on Via Imbonati in the 1950s. Olga Zaini was one of the first Italian women at the helm of a firm, before the 1940s. She managed the company she inherited from her husband Luigi with a great talent for vision, rigor…read more >


OLGA ZAINI Olga Torri’s charm is undeniable in this portrait from the 1930s. In 1924 she took the name Zaini after marrying Luigi, founder of the chocolate and candy factory of the same name in Milan. Luigi Zaini, a widower with two daughters, had two other children with Olga. The t…read more >

Chocolate Italian Passion

CHOCOLATE Italian passion 100 years of history and recipes A volume that's full of suggestions, fun to browse, varied in tone and enhanced by a collection of outstanding recipes by Roberta Deiana: author, blogger, food stylist. In the first part of the book, the story of a century…read more >

Exhibit Cover

Milano 1913-2013 “Luigi Zaini and the Chocolate Factory”, art, history and stories 100 years after its foundation, the “Luigi Zaini” chocolate factory in Milan created a prestigious exhibit in collaboration with the “Sormani” Library, with the Patronage of the City of Milan Office of…read more >