Emilia Chocolate

Emilia chocolate today is a complete range of products, developed from an original recipe that Luigi Zaini, founder of the Milan chocolate factory with the same name, fine tuned in 1913. Since then, Emilia chocolate in all its variations has entered the homes of millions of people, in Italy and around the world.

Treat yourself to a sweet experience


Thanks to its perfect balance of quality, taste and workability, the Emilia extra dark chocolate baking bar is the perfect ingredient for any chocolate recipe. Sizes available: 200g, 400g. 1kg.


Emilia extra dark chocolate chips are a practical and excellent solution for the preparation or decoration of any chocolate recipe. They are packaged in practical self-standing and resealable 200g bags.


Emila bitter cocoa powder, in practical self-standing and resealable bags, is the ideal product for sweet and savory recipes that call for powdered chocolate.


The Emila white chocolate baking bar is the perfect recipe for creating and decorating your desserts with a product of the highest quality and a sublime taste. Available in sizes from 200g to 1Kg.


Emilia white chocolate chips are perfect for preparing desserts that call for the unique taste of white chocolate. They are packaged in practical self-standing and resealable 180g bags.


Emilia sweetened cocoa powder is perfect for preparing delicious drinks and sweets. It can be found in practical self-standing and resealable bags.

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Emilia chocolate spread is perfect for your desserts or to spread on bread for a delicious snack, with 22% cocoa powder and 25% hazelnuts.Palm oil free, gluten free.